“I found this shop via Google search. I didn't have anything specific in mind, so I browsed throughout the store. I was greeted by both owners & offered help. I tried on several items; the quality is good & you can tell it's handmade. I informed the young lady it was my first time there & that I found them on Google. I was given a free bracelet upon checkout that went wonderfully with my purchase! If you're looking for authentic African attire & friendly owners, I'd recommend you try them out. ”
Keosha Montgomery, 2022
“ I had the chance and an opportunity to try on a dress that took even the thoughts of suicide away it was so bright the colors were so beautiful and "Queen", made me feel like I was truly truly a queen myself. This store has everything and anything it is perfect when not just colors and designs but accessories ”
Boss Game, 2021
“ I saw on their website this amazing dress that I really wanted to buy for a wedding, but it was out of stock online and they didn't have it inside the store, but they had other amazing clothing and everything they had was unique and different, and was of very high quality ”
Samantha Rivera, 2019
“ This spot is awesome. I was looking for garments with fringes. They have an on site seamstress and can customize any garment. I bought my daughter a one piece pant suit which she loves. Overall, great spot for African apparel. The best so far. ”
Trisco McFarland, 2021
“ This place was excellent. I was very pleased with the customer service! My sister and I were blown away with the choices we made from such great selections that the store had to offer. They even made the alterations to a couple of the pieces we bought. Great place, smiles, atmosphere and overall friendly service! Can’t wait to return! ”
David Clanton, 2021
“ Store was very clean. Customer service was top notch and the quality of clothing is excellent. Alterations on the spot! Highly recommended!!! ”
Bennie Baker, 2022